04 February Feb

Perinatal Mental Health Update for Midwives and Nurses

04 February 2019, 08:00AM to 05:00PM
The Dalrymple Theatre, Rotunda Hospital, Parnell Square,Dublin 1.

NMBI Category-1 Approved CEUs= 6

Overview of the Perinatal Mental Health Study Day

The rationale and justification for this programme is based on the current drive to promote and foster high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services.   The most recent MBBRACE-UK Report (2014) highlighted that deaths form psychiatric causes make a significant contribution to late maternal deaths with 95 women dying due to psychiatric causes between 2009-2012. The CMACE Report (2011) recommended that clinical staff must undertake regular written documented audited training for the understanding, identification, initial management and referral for, amongst others,  mental health conditions which, although unrelated to pregnancy, may affect pregnant women or recently delivered mothers. Therefore, it is paramount that midwives, nurses and allied health professionals attend educational updates in perinatal mental health to ensure they are confident and competent in providing professional advice and support and are aware of the appropriate referral pathways for women presenting with mental health disorders

Aims of the Programme

The aim of this programme is to provide and update for midwives and nurses who care for women with mental illness in pregnancy

Objectives of the Programme

  • Provide an overview of perinatal mental health

  • Discuss assessment and pathways of referral

  • Provide information on how to promote mental health

  • Raise awareness regarding the risk of relapse and use of medication

  • Explore the concept of  traumatic birth and discuss its impact on mental health

  • Highlight the importance of discussing suicidal ideations

  • Provide an opportunity for open discussion and questions on issues related to perinatal mental health

  • Guidance on how to maintain  one’s own mental health

Various methods to facilitating learning include :

  • Interactive presentations,

  • Question and answer,

  • Case Studies

  • Group work

  • Reading material following all lecture presentations are available on Moodle of the CME Website

Target Audience- Registered Midwives/ Nurses, allied health care professionals

For more information, please contact Programme coordinator, Judith Fleming  email: [email protected]    PH- 014085525