NMBI Category 1 Approved, CEUs = 8

Programme Rationale

Ongoing education of nurses and midwives who work in the gynaecological setting is essential to ensure that women receive a high standard of evidence based, quality, safe care from competent practitioners.

Programme Aim

The overall aim of the programme is to provide attendees with the opportunity of exploring and developing a greater understanding of contemporary issues in the care and management of women in the gynaecological setting.


Philosophy Underpinning this course:


The Centre for Midwifery Education aims to deliver high quality evidence based education for the purposes of continuing professional development of midwives and nurses who attend.

The philosophy of this programme takes cognisance of the need to provide quality care and continually improve care to women in the gynaecological setting.

Value is placed on the experience and expertise of the multidisciplinary programme facilitators to impart evidence based knowledge in relation to providing care which is efficient, effective, equitable and holistic.

The recognitions of course members as adult learners, their existing knowledge and application of clinical nursing and midwifery experience, is integral to the programme.

Teaching Methods

Various methods to facilitating learning include :

  • Interactive presentations,

  • Question and answer,

  • All reading material and presentations uploaded onto Moodle of the CME website

  • Multidisciplinary presentations

Duration of Course:

1 Day (7.8 hrs)

Teaching and Learning Strategies

A variety of teaching and learning strategies will be utilised to maximise

attendee involvement and draw on their experiences to include presentations, discussions, reflection on practice, workshop and service-user involvement.

Target Audience

Healthcare Professionals.

Programme Coordinator: Hazel Cazzini 014085525 [email protected]